Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole?

Yo, ask us if you should dump the asshole that you're dating, and we'll tell you. From the minds that brought you http://yoisthisracist.com

Anonymous asked: Yo, okay my bf thinks he cheated on me a while back when he was on cocaine and now I hear news from a friend he's cheated on me a bunch of times. He's always talking to other girls and gets pissed when I tell him to stop. He hangs out with his exes all the time and whenever I talk to a guy he gets super defensive and yells at me.hes almost broke up with me because I changed my hair one time and told me I'm not worth fighting over (like actual fist fight) should I dump him?

Yes, definitely.

Anonymous asked: He won't back me up on the hobby lobby bullshit.

Look, there is never any reason to date right wing assholes who WANT TO CONTROL WOMEN. Shame on you for even having an argument with this asshole that didn’t end in “get the fuck out of my life” in less than 5 minutes.

Anonymous asked: Should I?


Anonymous asked: He says that he wants to marry a virgin, that women need to compromise 80% of the time in a relationship because they're "more giving", that his mom can come and stay over for as long as she wants but not his wife's parents. He has issues with the fact that I eat organic food, listen to loud music and am super attached to my family. He says he hates my brother.

Why are you with this piece of shit?

Anonymous asked: DUMP SCOTUS.


Anonymous asked: I've been dating him for almost three years doing long distance of 500 miles. We see 1another every two weeks. Last May he told me that he is unsure about us and never got over his ex from 2 years ago. States he's never been that happy. I tell him that i love him and that id be willing to move to show him that this is a sincere love. He says okay. But recently (4months) stopped sharing me on social media and took my off his bio. i tell him it bothers me but he doesn't fix it. Should I move?

Holy shit, please, what you need to do is move ON.

Anonymous asked: My girl repeatedly shoves her finger in my ass during BJ's when I constantly tell her I don't like it. She screams at me and tells me I'm a homophobe.

Tell her you’re dumping her because she’s an asshole who doesn’t respect your asshole.

Anonymous asked: Yo he's funny and smart and talented and has a job and identifies as a feminist and respects my boundaries and we share loads of interests but WHAT IF HE TURNS OUT TO BE AN ASSHOLE

Stop being cynical and be grateful for that shit. 

Anonymous asked: Yo, my boyfriend dumped me after he found out that I used to date a black guy. I kinda want to get back together with him just so I can dump his ass for being a racist. What do you think.

Just be glad you’re done with that fucking piece of shit.

Anonymous asked: We've been dating for a month and he used to tell me how much he loved me and that he'd never get over me. The other day he texted me and said he doesnt really like me that much and that he doesnt think we'll last for summer. He then went back and forth about dumping me all night. The next morning he took back everything he said and said he needed me and loved me. We are sorta better now but idk if its right

No it’s not right, this guy is an asshole.