Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole?

Yo, ask us if you should dump the asshole that you're dating, and we'll tell you. From the minds that brought you http://yoisthisracist.com

Anonymous asked: I was in a ltr for 5 years. I dumped that asshole; but also took a long hard look at myself. I was wack. So I made life changes; threw away fedoras, found supportive friends, educated myself; boosted my career ten-fold and got paid to travel the world. It's dope to stop being an asshole. Everyone wins. Be fresh and single and better yourselves, yo.

Anonymous asked: I gave him a scarf and he called my gift irrelevant

What an ill-mannered asshole. I mean, no one wants a scarf, but c’mon, be gracious dude.

Anonymous asked: Hey. My boyfriend speaks to other girls online, which I have never been introduced to. He pressures me for sex, and sometimes makes fun of me and lies to me. "Yo, should I dump this asshole?"

Yes. Of course.

Anonymous asked: He dumped me because he said he needs to figure out what he needs. 3 months later we're trying to be friends but we also did pantsthings and kissingthings the other day and oh dear I liked it so much. He still wants to not be in a relationship with me. I should bail, right?

Yes, bail. Also bail on calling things “pantsthings”. 

Anonymous asked: I caught him sleeping with my sister

"so I dumped that asshole." 

That is how the sentence ends, right?

bitter-and-blonde asked: He dumped me because his friends didn't think I was cool/smart/pretty enough for him. Now he wants to get back together because 'he doesn't care about that anymore'? Should I?

Fuck no. His friends are shallow and so is he.

Anonymous asked: I'm inclined to argue that using subterfuge to get your way in a relationship means the relationship isn't between peers, even if it's something as fantastically dumb as wanting your s/o to wear more flattering pants. But I'm a white dude who wears fantastically unflattering pants, so maybe my opinion here is super suspect.

I hope someday someone sweetly steers you away from cargos and shows you your full potential.

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend has a foot/shoe fetish and buys used women's shoes on eBay and shit. I just found out so I started indulging the fetish so he doesn't have to buy that smelly shit, but he said part of the fetish is that it's random women. It's the newness of it. But he did say that mine ARE better, and for the most part, he'll just use mine? Oh, and the fetish is for tennis shoes, flats, that kinda thing. Not heels. Dump or no?

Depends— are you comfortable with him smelling other women’s shoes? Or do you think that you’re going to get jealous when you catch him with some random ugly ass New Balances?

Anonymous asked: That asshole is getting dumped. TODAY.


Anonymous asked: Yo would I be an asshole if I suggested to my boyfriend that he dress differently? He's 23 and hasn't bought new clothes since high school! He's so hot and I just think his full hotness potential would be realized if his pants fit.

You’d be an asshole to be like, “Yo, dress differently.” But you can not be an asshole and guide him in the right direction. Use flattery and patience and don’t be an asshole if he’s like, “Nah, I dig these JNCOs.”