Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole?

Yo, ask us if you should dump the asshole that you're dating, and we'll tell you. From the minds that brought you http://yoisthisracist.com

Anonymous asked: He's married and so am I. And not to each other. Should I?


Anonymous asked: She's got the "frost butt," if you know what I mean ;)

I have no idea what this means. And Urban Dictionary was just like “your butt is cold” so IDK, I mean, maybe just warm her butt up. 

Anonymous asked: He had an std (which I am fully aware of and consent to) but he had a threesome with two girls and didn't tell either of them. Asshole move? I ain't even mad about the threesome, but morally speaking?

Yeah that is some fucked up shit.

Anonymous asked: He cut and dyed his hair and I hate it

Two questions:

1. Have you ever had a shitty haircut?

2. Would you have wanted someone to dump you over a fucking haircut?

Anonymous asked: I've got this really big thing for this guy, We're both actors and we were in a show together, but he has a girlfriend so I backed off because I don't do that, but I still liked him. I just got cast in a show that has a nude sex scene, and it's really tasteful and good so that's fine, but then I just found out the guy got cast as the guy! So I have to pretend to have sex with a guy I'm kind of crazy about but he has a girlfriend! Naked! With people watching! He's not an asshole but what do I do?

Don’t have real sex with him?

Anonymous asked: YO come on! Why can't I date Santa? The reindeer are oblivious plus his beard is so sexy


Anonymous asked: This girl forced me to have sex with her. I was not consenting, and it made me feel quite embarrassed afterwards. Should I dump her?

Yes 100% most definitely!!! 

Anonymous asked: He's an asshole, per se. He's just overbearing and suffocating and patronising and acts more like a helicopter parent than a boyfriend.

Lose the “per se”. Also lose the guy.

Anonymous asked: Boring and immature but still considerate and caring at the same time...?

"Caring" and "considerate" should be baseline normal shit in the people you surround yourself with, not their only redeeming qualities.

Anonymous asked: We've had multiple arguments in the past because I felt pressured by his expectations... We've been dating for 1 and a half year and he expects us to be like a married couple. Right now, I feel so bitter towards him because he told me I need to change myself for us and feel happy for his successes when I don't. He told me that if he is to decrease his expectations, he won't love me as much...

If you’re bitter at a year and a half you need to get out before you’re bitter at thirty two years from now.