Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole?

Yo, ask us if you should dump the asshole that you're dating, and we'll tell you. From the minds that brought you http://yoisthisracist.com

Anonymous asked: he wants me to put my fingers in his butt but he is too embarrassed to buy lube.

It’s crazy, but tell him about this thing called The Internet. You can buy whatever you want on it without ever having to face another human.

Anonymous asked: The asshole dumped me before I had a chance to dump him. :(

At least it’s over! :D

cremedeviolette asked: He told me that he wasn't sure if he like me enough to be nice to me. That's pretty bad, right?

What a fucking asshole

Anonymous asked: He asked if he could touch my side and I said yes, but I am ticklish and he said, "ok I will be very careful and respectful." THAT WAS THE CORRECT ANSWER BECAUSE FUCK TICKLING.

Good stuff right here.

Anonymous asked: I wish he were more perverted.

Tell him.

Anonymous asked: My abusive ex says he still loves me and wants to be friends. I want to tell him to go fuck himself but there are some complicated logistics and I can't cut off contact. What should I tell him?

Probably to go fuck himself. 

Anonymous asked: I dumped the abusive asshole, but am still friends with some people who pressured me to stay with him despite the abuse. Should I dump my friends too?

If they tried to make you stay in an abusive relationship, they were never your friends.

Anonymous asked: The bf is the master of gaslighting. He loses his shit over the most trivial things, LOVES to criticize and belittle everyone (mostly me), is a sarcastic douchebag, and has zero patience whatsoever. When I call him out on it he says I'm "hysterical", "overreacting", and/or accuses me of being "emotionally abusive" and always making him out to be the bad guy when he's just "being honest and thoughtful". Help me find a way to dump him that doesn't involve strangling this little shit?

Just dump him.

Anonymous asked: Legit Question: waiting in line at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, see a lady with nice boots. I say her boots look nice. She's like "thank you whatever" which is cool. Then I say "if they made a dude version of those boots I'd wear em" she stares at me like a weirdo. Should I have just kept the second thing to myself? Is complementing lady clothes as a dude just a no-no. PS: They were tall (faux?) leather boots with a lot of straps and stuff.

how in the world would you consider this a legit question?

Anonymous asked: He won't throw away his stupid toys and stop playing his stupid video games instead of real hobbies like fishing.

You realize that fishing is just sitting around for hours drinking, right?